Start your own food company

Start Your Own Food Company

“From Your Kitchen Counter to the Checkout Counter”…  

Yes You Can Start Your

Own Food Company

And Fulfill Your

  Dream Of
Taking Your Recipe To The World!


           Bob Lauck founder Tuldys Texmex and
author of “Start Your Own Food Company”

Our little home based business:
won back to back “Golden Chile” awards for our tortilla soup
won back to back “Scovie” awards for our chili
has 27 national culinary awards
and has even been featured on



Culinary Compadre,

If you’ve ever had anyone say to you, “This is the best ____ I’ve ever tasted! Why don’t you market it?” Well, I know how you feel. Over a decade ago, I started playing around trying to duplicate the enchilada sauce of my favorite texmex restaurant. After much experimentation I actually did come up with a sauce that I (and my friends) thought rivaled any place in town. The problem was, I was recently divorced and totally broke. I might add I knew nothing about starting a food company, or even about running a business. And I had a regular job to boot. (still do)

So I started researching. It was a slow and arduous task. I spent what felt like hundreds of hours on the Internet and bombarded every food industry person I could find with questions. I learned a lot, but not all those insider tips. If you ever considered starting your own food company (even if it’s just a hobby) and just don’t know where to start, well I know exactly how you feel.

But your problems are over! Start Your Own Food Company takes you by the hand and guides you from start up to production to distribution. Even those insider tips are here. You’ll learn how I did it with very little money, and I’ve included many of these tips so you can save a bundle getting started.

Need a little more convincing? Here are just a tiny percentage of the testimonials I’ve received  from customers.

Hello Bob,
I don’t know if you remember me or not but I purchased your book a couple of years ago and decided to start my own salsa company in Rockwall. Texas. I started my company in August 2009 working from the trunk of my car and have since sold almost 5,000 jars of salsa. I currently have my products in 6 Kroger stores in the Rockwall area and 6 or 8 other retail locations. I submitted my Smoky Sweet Salsa to the international Fiery Foods Festival and won a Scovie award for third place. My business is growing every day. The Dallas Morning news has informed me that they will be doing an article about my small business success later this month. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you for taking the time to write your book and for providing the inspiration that I needed to get started. Best wishes to you and your family in the future.


Gary Hazelwood
Hazelwood’s foods

I’m writing today to tell you how grateful we are to have found your book, “How To Start Your Own Food Company”. We had been wanting to bottle my husband’s Barbeque sauces and rubs for years now, but we were always too overwhelmed with legalities to make it happen. I am a flight attendant and about 3 months ago was on a long layover and googled “how to start your own barbeque business”. I can’t tell you how many times I have googled that same thing over the past couple of years and all of a sudden, there it was. Your book. I downloaded it right away and and we were off and running! Two and a half months later we’re all legal, Uncle Bob’s Sauces LLC. We have our own website, we have sold hundreds of bottles of barbeque sauce in the last two weeks we have been open for business. We are barely keeping up. Thank goodness I took these couple of weeks off from flying. When I read that you had started the same way that we had always wanted to, and that you were an airline employee, I knew this was it. It was really going to happen.

I ordered off your website a few weeks ago and have already made the tortilla soup and enchiladas, YUMMY! I will be spreading the word. I am sure you get many emails, but I really wanted to write and tell you how much you’ve changed our lives. We live in Montgomery, Texas (50 miles north of Houston). We are still tweaking and learning new things, but at least we are up and running and sending Christmas gift packs out like crazy and recovering our start up costs.

Anyway, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
Merry Christmas, you have been our blessing…

Terri Blalock
Uncle Bob’s Sauces, LLC

Hi Bob,
I need to place an order for more UPC codes. Business has really been great for us and we are adding additional products again this year! Since buying and reading your book, “Start Your Own Food Company” three years ago, our business has grown by leaps and bounds. The tips and recommendations in your book saved me countless hours and really contributed to our success. THANKS!

BTW, the UPCs are saving me a ton of money. Our products are in over 100 retail locations all over the country with no issues at all.

Dan Arnold
Sucklebusters Inc
Seasonings, sauces, and such
PO Box 2006
Coppell, Texas 75019

Please feel free to contact any of the above. Check out their websites and ORDER!

Thank you so much for a fast-reading, to the point, answer my questions book focusing exactly on what I desire to do. I appreciate your references and look forward to your Internet supplement. I found the Copacker/labeling info you give so valuable. Exactly what I was looking for in e-z to understand language… THANK YOU! You’ve already set me on a great path. Bob, You Are The Man!!!!

Thank you again, worth every penny!
R.M., California

I purchased your book “Start Your Own Food Company”. It contains literally more information that I have been able to acquire from all other sources. I attempted my venture in 1998 only to scrap the idea because I could not find any information or anyone that would help me. After purchasing your book I am 100% confident that I can do this! Thank you for a candid book with loads of information.

Randy W. Brown
East Texas Chile Traders

Hi Bob,

Here’s a testimonial and a question. At first I thought your book was not worth the money I paid for it when I saw how basic some of the business entities information was. Also the number of pages for an ebook seemed like I had gotten ripped off. By the time I was half way through the book I saw how some of the information you provide could save at least $$$ thousands for my business as it gets started. I have worked as a business consultant and studied economics at Harvard and so I can see the true cost of getting some aspects of a business wrong. Thanks and  your book is more than worth it.

Now my question…Leighton!

I read your book “How to start a food company”. I found it to be inspirational, practical, and having very, very, useful information. At this point in time, I am trying to… It will be great if you can share your recommendations. Once again, thanks for an informative book.

I look forward to hearing from you,

I purchased your book this week and have already read it cover to cover. I am amazed at all the information that you have provided to your readers. Thank you very much for all the hard work that you have put into this book. It has definitely made me think long and hard about what I want to do.

Shari T.

Bob, bought your book yesterday and enjoyed it immensely. I honestly had pretty low expectations (which of course were exceeded) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and depth of info contained within.  Thanks for putting it all out there for those looking to get started. Those that know aren’t sharing, and everyone else seems to be clueless as to how to get started.

Robert H.

My name is Wendy, and I purchased your book online today. I read it, and I must tell you that you provide a lot of great insight as to what’s not really said about getting into the industry. A lot of what you mentioned I was already aware of, but I really enjoyed your feedback on the real truth behind food shows and copackers/distributors.

Bob, I’m almost done reading your book and I must say, probably the best $37 I’ve ever spent!


My wife and I just downloaded your book and was impressed by the details you’ve mention on marketing a food product. Your story alone gave us the inspiration to continue our dream in doing our own business and must thank you for getting this information to us. Again thanks for the information and looking forward to get some more of your entrepreneurial expertise.Marco

In this book, you will learn:

You really don’t need an office, you can run your business from a spare bedroom ( I still do!)

How to get started legally (you don’t want to break any laws in the food industry)

How to choose how your business will operate (sole proprietorship, corporation, etc.) and an explanation of each so you can decide what’s best for you

How to register your URL or website name for next to nothing

How to register your business with the county clerk

How to clear legal hurdles such as local requirements, sales tax permits, federal tax ID, and a food manufacturer’s license

A short history of my first product (it’s subtitled “This is not the way you want to do it”)

 Help in finding someone to produce your product legally and inexpensively

What outside professional help to employ, and how to save money doing it

How to find someone to produce your labels (they must be professionals)

Labeling rules

How to acquire a UPC code (here I’ll save you BIG BUCKS!)

Establish a wholesale price

Tips on packaging that will skyrocket reorders

What tools I find essential to running a small business besides my computer

Shipping tips

An invaluable section on different type of shows and conventions with an ROI (return on       investment) guide for each type. This alone will save you a ton of money.

Breakdown of distributors (these are the people that get your products into stores) and a history of my first distributor, also subtitled “This is not how you want to do it”

How to get insured. Don’t proceed without insurance

Insider tips on winning local or even national awards (I definitely know my stuff when it comes to this subject)

Costs of national product competitions

One product I would never produce if my goal was winning product competition

An extensive section on the shows including how we sample different products

How to deal with the health department at the shows

Decorating your booth

Discussions with two different copackers (the people that will produce your product) with dollar figures to help you estimate the cost of your initial run of product

How to launch a website and get a merchant account

And over 40 links to provide you with enough research and reading material to become anexpert …you know you’ve already wasted too many hours researching this stuff…I provide you with the links you’ll need to research all aspects of the food industry!

My book will get you started and pay for itself many times over with the money AND TIME you’ll save.


So are you ready to fulfill your dream of owning your own food company and possibly making a name for yourself? I’ll be honest, a lot of people that bought the book decided the food industry just wasn’t for them. THAT’S OK TOO because I know I saved them even more money! This book will give you a realistic view on start up costs so you can make up your own mind. Only $19!!! to see if you have the stuff to succeed in the food industry.

(This ebook has been sold for $37 for years, grab it now for nearly half price!)

Over a decade’s sweat equity went into this book and you can be reading it in seconds.
What are you waiting for?



only $19!!!

NOW $1

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